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​​We’re a group of professional designers, developers and engineers who can do magic with WordPress
​​HappyMonster helps you from functional prototyping to launching your dream project. We do everything necessary from requirement analysis, designing pixel-perfect responsive mockups that reflect your brand, API integrations and finally bringing everything to life with codes from our expert developers. We’ve been working in the industry for over a decade. With us, get your project done in a short time and at an affordable budget.

Wings ^^

​​Providing end-to-end WordPress opportunities from Splendid Themes, Powerful Plugins to Beautifully designed responsive widgets for page builders like Elementor – We got it all covered at HappyMonster.

Services ^^

​​UI/UX Design, Functional Prototyping, Branding, API Integrations, Markup Design, Developing WordPress Themes and Plugins, Developing Elementor Widgets, Website Design, Web Application Development using WordPress, LAMP Stack including Laravel and JAMStack. Speed optimizations, Tuning for Performance, and Basic DevOps.



​​Our fantastic designers provide compelling designs of your project with personalized, localized, and intelligent digital experiences that reflect your brand journeys, simplified workflows, and supercharged content for maximum engagement.
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Web Design

Your website should be helping your company build momentum, making your efforts easier, generating new leads, and delivering your message correctly to your audience. And your brand should not suffer from the mediocre design of your website. We create designs that matter.


WordPress Plugins

​​Enhance your WordPress sites, add custom features, and simplify your workflow with our powerful plugins. Our plugin ninjas know WordPress like the back of their hand, and they can do magic. Thousands of users trust our plugins with their sites; you can do that too.
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Smart Solutions

​​Contact us for impressive, fatless, secure, and rock-solid tailor-made solutions using WordPress, Laravel, Jamstack, or in your preferred stacks. We put our best efforts into making things work, period.

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More than ​​200,000 active users rely on our products and services everyday. We help you focus on your business while we do the technical legwork.

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